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SANCHARI® reflects the ethos of India’s glorious past – of its rich textile heritage and its artisans’ unmatched skills. An endeavour that believes in keeping the artisans at the heart of its creations, the label reflects the elements of purity of handwoven and handcrafted products. Endowing the craftspeople with the ‘creative freedom’ to execute designs, result in the making of unique creations. Afterall, it’s the skilled and generous hands of the artisans that make all the difference.

The label is promoted by Sanchari Mahapatra, a Textile Designer and an alumnus of the prestigious National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. Having spent good many years in villages as an educator and design consultant for NGOs and state run organizations, she is well-versed with the challenges faced by artisans in earning a decent livelihood. The talent is plenty, but the market is very limited. By way of the label – SANCHARI®, we are attempting to give them access to the world outside of their villages. Our designs are developed internally and then handed over to skilled artisans who then source the raw-materials as per the specifications and work towards the making the finished product. All throughout, we maintain strict control on quality of materials, workmanship and finishing of the end-products.

Embedded below, is a compilation of Sanchari’s work over the years and a glimpse of her journeys to some of the remotest regions of the country:


SANCHARI® is not a design label. It’s a journey…