These exquisite Stoles are each individually handwoven on loom by the skillful weavers of Kutch in Gujarat, India. Each Stole takes about 6 to 8 hours to weave. Weaving is one activity to which the entire family of the weaver contributes. While the man of the house might weave the stole, the wife could help him in making the bobbins and other activities. Thus, little variations within a stole are a witness to the entire activity of the family taking part in weaving. Like any other hand based activities such as making dough, no two ‘hand-woven’ products look identical. We strongly believe in maintaining this ‘unique personal touch’ without compromising on quality.

The sole purpose of designing these stoles is to retain the identity of the age old traditional weaving practices of these families in the villages and yet reflect the essence of today’s global sensibility. Stoles of SANCHARI DESIGNS maintain the uniqueness of each village while wanting the wearer to feel the warmth of the personal touch that only a ‘hand-woven’ product can provide.