Ikat & Checks

Ikat with Checks

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The Design

Ikat means to Tie and Dye. The threads are tied and dyed before weaving. It’s an age old activity which requires a thorough knowledge of mathematics and proportions. In this design, the body of the stole has criss-cross lines at random places with regular checks.The border is tied and dyed in a colour of choice to give the Stole a suave feel. This tying and dyeing is called sevo bandhavo and its uneven absorption gives a beautiful colour gradient to the borders. The essence of these Stoles lies in their century-old traditional weave. The designs seamlessly blend nostalgia with a contemporary appeal.

Available in

Material: Soft and pure Cotton
Colours: Ever Classic Black and White
Tassels: Bud and Flower shapes mixed
Dimensions: 24” x 80”